Mags & Otis


"Jackie was terrific with Otis. In one day he's learnt a lot and already much improved with commands. I feel confident after Jackie's visit that as long as we stick with her tips we'll have a much better behaved pug."

Liz & Spot


"When i got a rescue sheepdog all went well for a couple of months.  Then he became quite excited meeting other dogs on the lead, barking and lungeing.  I was really worried and unsure how to deal with it.  Jackie assessed him and showed me how to deal with it.  I am much more relaxed now and Spot is learning to be calmer and more focussed on me.  We are enjoying walks again and Spot is able to interact sensibly with other dogs.  Many thanks for your patience and encouragement."

Kate & Gin


"Hi Jackie, thanks so much for your help with my energetic flatcoat. Her recall and general obedience are so much better. She loves staying with you when I go away and I know she is being well looked after and having a great time without me!"

Hannah & Gilbert


"Jackie has looked after my dog  a number of times now whilst i've been away and, I can honestly say she is brilliant. My dog has some fear based behaviour and is extremely uncomfortable in certain situations. As a result,  I am careful who I entrust him to,  I know that he is well looked after with Jackie and that she knows how to give him the bit of extra support if he needs it."

Louisa & Minnie


"Jackie has looked after my Yorkie cross, Minnie. Jackie does a great job, I trust her knowledge and  experience. Minnie always seems tired but happy after spending time with her."

Jodie & Rodney


"I can't believe how much he's improved since being with you, it's amazing, I can't thank you enough!"


Janet & Tara

"Jackie is brilliant with Tara, our Great Dane. She has an exceptional way with her and has turned up to walk her in some pretty foul weather. Our first time of entrusting any of our Danes with someone else and she has exceeded our expectations. Wouldn't hesitate to recomend."

Kirsty & Peggy

"Jackie is so flexible, reliable and it's clear she loves our four legged friends as much as we do - I get regular updates and Peggy my little pup has a fab time and is often worn out and ready for naps after lots of funtime and walks with Jackie."